with Callie

and Jeff Dauler

Our 2016 wedding went viral because Jeff surprised Callie with puppies before the ceremony.⁣ Since then, life has been pretty rough.


Getting fired from a dream job. Serious health scares. A best friends betrayal. A totaled car. Loss of one parent, two grandparents, and a pet. A miscarriage.


We have really put 'for better or for worse' to the test the past few years. But through it all, we've learned and grown. We've managed to laugh more than we cry and we are excited about the future. We're grateful for everything ... even the rough stuff.⁣ And we are sharing all of this on our podcast.


Despite how hard life is, something positive always shows up. Always. We started this show to remind ourselves (and you) of that. It's become our mission, and we would love to have you join us.


New, 30-minute episodes every weekday. We are authentic, funny, and love the community that has formed around our show. It would be an honor to have you join us.⁣

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- Callie and Jeff

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